Reeli - Lory Fernandes

by Lory Fernandes
2 years ago

Academic Project

Gustavo Ribeiro and Mila Alencar

The Project

Final Project for Graphic Design’s Course, involving video filming and editing, web design, app design, social network and data visualization. Made in partnership with Mila Alencar and Gustavo Ribeiro.

REELI is a virtual platform made to increase the number of classic literature reading among young people. It’s creative and innovative in its proposal and execution.

Author: Lory Fernandes

Lory Fernandes is from Salvador, Brazil, although she suspects she was born in the wrong city. Maybe in the wrong planet. She has a degree in Graphic Design, took some years of drawing classes and is pursuing her graduation in Animation. She is an aspiring illustrator and dreams of becoming a fantasy writer.