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by Lory Fernandes
2 months ago

Every writer knows how difficult it’s to keep track of everything we do, everything we think about. Sometimes an idea comes to us when we are dreaming; if we don’t write the right away, they’ll get lost. It happens to me often to think about a story when I’m taking a shower and forget to take note of it afterward.

After I realized I was getting lost in all the things I had to do, and in all my ideas, I developed a system to organize them in a way I can understand and easily access them. I can’t say it will work for everybody, but it worked for me.

1. Make a list of everything

I love making lists and tables, it keeps you on track and won’t let you forget anything (unless you forget to look at your list).

I made a list of the movies I have to see, and the books I have to read. If I have something to do and I’m afraid I’ll forget, I’ll put it on a ‘to do’ list.

If I have many kinds of activities (which I often do), I separate the lists into tables.
For example, I’m publishing an online comic, writing a book on wattpad, taking a graduate course of Animation and looking for a job. I separated the things I have to do in each of these sections of my life, plus the free time (everyone needs a break), which I often occupy playing and watching series.
So if I have to write 500 words for my book per day, this will go on the “book” section, any assignment from the university will go on the Animation section and so on.

2. Use other media and apps that can help you

I keep a personal Tumblr and Pinterest to keep some visual ideas organized (specially about my characters), this way I won’t get lost and I won’t lose information I already have.

3. Use Google Drive or similar

I also use Google Drive to keep documents placed in one location, with easy access, even if I don’t have my computer with me.
What if it happens that I’m in the middle of nowhere and I thought about something crucial to the story? That way I won’t lose the information like I usually do when I write it on my phone’s notes or a piece of paper.

4. Use and abuse the bookmarks

Don’t be afraid to abuse the bookmarks bar on google chrome (if that’s what you’re using) or another browser. Create folders and put the links you think are important inside them. It’s better to have a huge bookmark list than to have lost that one website you needed.

5. Think a creative way of making it happen

When I started writing the Moonless World, I had to do a lot of research about tales, gods, magic, and powers. I still have all the data I collected in a drive on google drive and all the links I saved in my bookmarks.
I also created an online forum, where I developed a kind of role-playing game for the world of my book. This way I was able to define the specifics of it, like the races that lived in it, the powers, the cities and countries and also the cronology. Even though not even half of this information will be in my book, it helped me a lot to get a better grasp of it.

Author: Lory Fernandes

Lory Fernandes is from Salvador, Brazil, although she suspects she was born in the wrong city. Maybe in the wrong planet. She has a degree in Graphic Design, took some years of drawing classes and is pursuing her graduation in Animation. She is an aspiring illustrator and dreams of becoming a fantasy writer.

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