A surprise family reunion - Lory Fernandes

by Lory Fernandes
2 months ago

It was the midnight of Friday. I was packing my things, moving on the next day to my new home in my new city when I got a text from my father. It had been his birthday the week before, and he was having a party on Saturday. I knew he was said I wouldn’t be able to be there, but there was not much I could do.

“Can you get to the airport tomorrow at 7:30?”, it said.

That’s how I ended up on a plane to Salvador, my hometown, the next day. I had to leave my belongings where they were and postpone my moving day to the next week, but it was undoubtedly worth it.

The barbecue party was big, and I got to see almost all my relatives I had been missing for a month – I know it’s a little time, but I’m attached, what can I do? -, especially my brothers. Arthur, three years old, asked me if I could tie his shoes the first time he saw me at home as I’d never left. And Heitor, six months old, cried when I tried to carry him.

I felt like it had been a long time, even though it wasn’t. But that gave me a perspective of time and how things rapidly flow when we are not thinking of them. In my case, I’m always thinking about it, so time for me goes slowly – which is not that good either.

The only thing I want for now is to be able to see them as they grow, because I know it’s really fast and it’ll pass like a heartbeat if I don’t pay attention. But I believe I’ll be there for the special moments, and those are the ones that count.


Be close to your family and don’t waste any moment, those are the things you’ll remember in the future!

Author: Lory Fernandes

Lory Fernandes is from Salvador, Brazil, although she suspects she was born in the wrong city. Maybe in the wrong planet. She has a degree in Graphic Design, took some years of drawing classes and is pursuing her graduation in Animation. She is an aspiring illustrator and dreams of becoming a fantasy writer.

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