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Lory is the writer of the Moonless World’s Series – currently being published as a book on Wattpad and as a comic on Webtoon.

She has been writing since she remembers and loves nothing more than this. She has a degree in Graphic Design and is pursuing her graduation in Animation.

Moonless World | Book 1

In a world where the gods of the Sun and the Moon are undoubtedly dead, a bunch of pirates is trying to get you and the creatures of the night lurk around freely hunting the last humans alive, having magic is to be as good as dead.

Caelie knows she is in a lot of trouble when she wakes up with magic in her body, and finds herself in the middle of a war, between the forces of light and dark. Emyr knows the girl from his dreams is in danger, and although his job is to protect the humans from the darkness, he can’t do that to someone he doesn’t even know yet.

Moonless World | Webcomic

The story of Caelie and Emyr is also being told visually, as a webcomic being publishing on the online platform Webtoon.

You can check out the webcomic or the animated first episode below.

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